Sunday, September 6, 2009

Artist Statement

Hello my name is Eric Zimmermann as a child I would always find myself locked away in my room drawing rather than outside playing with the other kids. This stayed true all the way through high school where I eventually expanded from drawing to working with other mediums, such as painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc.

Since high school my main outlet for my work has been painting and this became even more apparent when I declared it as my concentration in college at University of the Arts in Philadelphia. My years of drawing have always been reflected in the way in which I paint, strong lines, free brushstrokes, and a more abstracted view on many of the subjects I choose to paint. As it turned out my painting would eventually lead to another form of art, tattooing.

The transition from painting to tattooing has been relatively easy because the tools have many similarities in their ranges. It has however forced me to become much less abstracted and really tighten my style in respect to my drawing. I still draw and paint for myself, but as it has seemed to happen for most of my life I am just waiting for tattooing to eventually lead to another outlet, and expand the ways in which I create art, and share it with the people around me.

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  1. Really nice artist statement. I really don't find much wrong with this. The only crits I would make would be to drop the "Hello my name is such and such" and just start it with "As a child..." Perhaps also mention and big projects you are working on if any or some goals. Other then that nice statement.